Who’s Boof, you ask? Boof is Fev’s #1 sidekick and, as he likes to think of himself, the big boss ‘round here.

It all started when a big-headed guy searched far and wide for sunnies and couldn’t find any that fit... Good thing Boofhedz came along.

We create bloody comfortable eyewear for blokes with big heads. So comfortable in fact, that Boof himself can’t get enough. Boof has been around since it all began and has seen Boofhedz grow from just a BIG idea into the awesome brand it is now. Before we get into too much detail, let's find out more about the man's best friend himself. Also known as the one that puts the 'Boof' in Boofhedz.

Who is Boof?

Fev's #1 sidekick and the head honcho at Boofhedz HQ.

What does Boof like to do in his spare time?

Boof works really hard during the week, barking orders here and there, keeping the office in line. So, on the weekends, he likes to take advantage of his down time and meet up with the pack at the beach where they like to sniff some butts and throw back a few treats.

What is Boof's favourite treat?

Boof really loves those bacon treats.

What has Boof been up to recently?
On our latest campaign, Boof got a bit more than he bargained for and had to work hard to keep Fev in line on the Big Hands, Big Head photoshoot. A tough gig for sure, Boof often had to jump on set to show Fev exactly how things are done.

How did Boof find out that he too, had a big head?

His mum said he so.

Who is Boof wearing?

Boofhedz of course. But, if you'd really like to know, Boof is wearing "Rocky" in black.

To see Fev & Boof in action on set of the latest Boofhedz campaign, make sure you check out our Instagram.


We guarantee that our informative quiz will help you easily determine whether or not, your are a Boofhead. You're welcome.

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